3 Wheel Materials To Consider

7 April 2016
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If you are wondering about the differences between alloy, carbon fiber, and steel wheels, then you are in the right place. Choosing the right material goes a long way in the performance of your vehicle. Here is a comparison of the three:

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are a combination of different metals that are designed to look great and provide improved performance. Alloy has the advantage of being able to be cast in many different styles. You can get them chromed, machined, painted, or polished. This can offer you a more unique look if you are customizing your ride.

For example, an alloy made from nickel and aluminum is lighter than most steel. This gives you agility and faster acceleration, which can be an advantage if you like racing your car. Some people feel this also adds to the "fun" factor of driving.

Alloys can be bent easier than steel wheels during collisions, so this is a disadvantage. A general rule is that the more nickel that is added to the alloy, the more brittle (and likely to be deformed) it is.

Carbon Fiber

This material is relatively new. It is not made from traditional metals or plastics. It is a synthetic material specially created for vehicles. It gained popularity with racers because of its sturdy design, cool looks, and light weight. However, it can also be a bit costly. If your budget allows, getting carbon fiber could allow you to get the extra edge in performance by increasing your speed, agility, handling, and acceleration.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are heavier than aluminum or alloy wheels. This extra weight can get in the way of agility, speed, and acceleration. In the summer months, this is not likely what you want. However, in the winter, you could gain an advantage.

In the winter, heavier tires mean that you can grip the snow better and gain more balance. This can end up increasing your speed in the end. Steel also happens to be stronger than alloys. So if durability is your main concern, then steel is a great choice. Finally, steel is also less expensive than other varieties of wheels. If you are primarily interested in saving money or having a spare set of wheels, steel is the way to go.

Alloy and steel both offer unique advantages. However, they both come with downsides as well. Ultimately, which materials you choose will come down to your specific needs. Contact a professional like Calgary car tires by Pro Tire Ltd for more information.