Rain Drop, Drop Top: How To Outfit Your Off Road Truck

7 November 2017
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For cars that you drive to and from work and errands each day, you want to go with the standard issued products for your car. Following manufacturer's directions are important to keep your car running healthy. For cars that you plan to take off-road, you can do a little more modification in the way that you desire. Here are some ways that you can fit your off-road truck to become the perfect summer, off-road vehicle. 

Fit your truck with commercial tires

Commerical tires are the first change that you need to make to your off-road vehicle. If you plan to drive in mud, dirt, grass, or sand, you will need to have tires that are different than traditional paved road tires. For your vehicle, get commercial tires that are heavier and have a lot more tread. This will give you better control over your vehicle on alternative terrain and allow you to get in and out of mud and sand without too much struggle. Be sure to get your vehicle custom fitted for the right kinds of tires so that they properly operate on your truck. 

Add airbags

Off-roading can come with its own set of challenges. It is not uncommon for vehicles to get stuck or to hit an embankment or small pits. If you will be off-roading near a forest with a lot of trees, there can also be small crashes or narrow misses. Refit the airbag system inside of your truck to protect any passengers in the vehicle. This can include adding an airbag to the front dashboard if you have bench seating. It is also a good idea to add airbags to the side of the vehicle, as sideswiping a tree or your car tipping over can be a real concern. Fitting your car with custom airbags is a necessity before you take your truck off-roading. 

Get more manual gear

A top-down truck is one of the most enjoyable types of cars for off-roading. During the summer months, you will not have to worry about air conditioning on your way to and from the beach. Have the roof removed from your truck and have a soft cover roof that can be manually manipulated to replace it. This will keep away any summer rain while still allowing your vehicle to connect from the outside. If you tend to go to wet places, your truck should get manual windows and door locks in the event that your system comes into contact with water. Manual windows, doors, and roofs make for a safe vehicle with a direct connection to the outdoors when off-roading. 

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